Alex Simone

Mock Website Photo

Year: 2017

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina

Major: Political Science

Alex Simone is one of three whole GW Mock Trial members from the deep south. Although her last name looks simple to pronounce, don’t you dare confuse her with the “Simon” on the team; it’s (sim-own-knee). She likes to think her most accomplished moment on the GW Mock Trial team was not crying in round when a judge sassily o-ver-rulled her, or, perhaps, when she managed to rip her skirt straight up the back a whole fifteen seconds before the judges walked in.

When she’s not a plaintiff attorney asking the members of the jury to find the defendant not liable, you can probably find her sitting in her room looking through pictures of old tournaments, making case law powerpoints, or spending 100% of her time wishing it was mock trial season again. In the few moments she isn’t doing something mock related, Simone is most likely srat-ing it up with the KDs, visiting fancy modern art galleries she doesn’t understand, or skyping her family’s pet chameleon, Chlyde.

Career Individual Awards

Patrick Henry Invitational
January 2015
Outstanding Witness (18 Ranks Π)
Outstanding Attorney (16 Ranks Δ)

Capital City Opening Round Championship Series
March 2016
All-National Attorney (17 ranks Δ)

11th Annual Tobacco Road Invitational
November 2016
Outstanding Attorney (18 ranks Π)