Hannah Bloom

IMG_2621 (1)Year: 2019

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Major: International Affairs

Hailing from the land of blues and barbecue, Hannah Bloom is proud to be GW Mock Trial’s go-to Southern witness, although these days she’s more commonly found asking the questions. From once uttering unidentifiable noises during objections to now helping new members avoid that same fate, Bloom has definitely ~bloomed~ as a mocker. However, her personal crowning achievement as a member of GW Mock remains the invention of the infamous “Bloom Squat”– a pose first met with pure confusion, yet later carried B Team to victory at Regionals during her first year.

On the rare occasion that she’s not mocking, Bloom is usually doing some combination of the following activities: promising herself that she’ll clean up tomorrow, pretending to be Drake’s wife, or procrastinating (which explains why this bio was sent in a little late).


Career Individual Awards

Haverford Inaugural Black Squirrel Invitational
October 2016
Outstanding Attorney (19 ranks Π)

Johns Hopkins Inaugural Blue Jay Invitational
January 2017
Outstanding Attorney (20 ranks Δ)

Richmond, VA Regional Tournament
February 2017
All-Regional Attorney (18 ranks Δ)

12th Annual Tobacco Road Invitational
October 2017
Outstanding Witness (16 ranks Π)

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