Jack Culhane

Year: 2017
Hometown: Oakdale, NY
Major: Criminal Justice & Psychology

John Jack Jacob Tyler Culhane, known to mockers everywhere simply as Culhane, hailed from Long Island in 2013 to portray ill-tempered police officers, irresponsible fathers, and his specialty: Buddhist carnies.

As an attorney or witness, his two-pronged mission to touch the courage and secure the hope has defined Culhane’s mock trial career.  He will not stop no matter who orders him to stop, and is very into thinking. During his free time, Culhane can be found meandering through Georgetown on secret missions, stumbling into random movie theaters, or pondering the untapped architectural potential of bread bowls.

Where is he going? Does he have a shirt on? Does he actually live in the mock office? Checking or savings?  The answers to all of these questions may surprise you.

Career Individual Awards

Washington, D.C. Opening Round Championship Series
March 2014
All National Witness (19 ranks Π)

13th Annual Quaker Classic
November 2015
Outstanding Attorney (20 ranks Π)

3rd Annual Market Street Invitational
October 2016
Outstanding Attorney (20 ranks Δ)

Outstanding Witness (19 ranks Π)

2nd Annual Colonial Classic Invitational
October 2016
Outstanding Attorney (17 ranks Δ)

Raleigh, NC Regional Tournament
February 2017
All-Regional Attorney (17 ranks Π)