Nadia Creve Coeur

14124903_1550682784957105_2641928569591132984_oYear: 2019

Hometown: Churchville, MD

Majors: Political Science and International Affairs with a concentration in International Politics

Nadia is a proud Haitian American who can only speak creole if she is gossiping and talking about food. Although she comes from an immigrant background, she grew up in a small town called Churchville next to 5 million churches and corn fields. When she’s not thinking about her small town past, she likes to stay well rounded by listening to her favorite NPR podcast, Radiolab, before going to the club. She’s also a certified reiki practitioner and a photographer in her free time. If she’s not at mock (which she usually is), you can find her in various study locations or with her DPE gal pals!

Career Individual Awards

Baltimore Regional Tournament
February 2016
All-Regional Witness (17 ranks Δ)

14th Annual Quaker Classic Invitational
November 2016
Outstanding Witness (20 ranks Δ)

Raleigh, NC Regional Tournament
February 2017
All-Regional Witness (20 ranks Π)