Paden Gallagher

Website PhotoYear: 2017
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Major:  Business

Paden “Elizabeth” Gallagher is one of three whole GW Mock Trial team members from the South. As such, he knows that the original “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line is far better than the remix.  As a freshmen, Paden spent his year playing Steve Urkel in a dinosaur costume (you may think that’s a joke but it is, in fact, the only serious statement in this entire bio). In his time with GW Mock Trial, Paden has played a 14 year old PhD student, a 14 year old actor, a 14 year old theme park lover, and a 40 year old cop (with a special line devoted to how people think he looks like a 14 year old). You might be asking yourself, “Does this kid have any range at all?” The answer is yes, he also played an 11 year old psychopath, which is different apparently. During this time, he has only delivered one line that has made a trial stop for 10 seconds while everyone laughed, and that line DEFINITELY could have been better. Despite his wide range as a witness, he also became a force to be reckoned with as an attorney. From being so slow on an opening statement that he can run a minute over time (oops) to delivering an entire cross examination in less than 2 minutes by sprinting around the well, you never know what’s coming from this wildcard attorney next.

Notable fans of Paden include Steve Jobs, who stole his idea for the iPod after an encounter at Chuggies, Harry Styles, who most contend is actually just Paden when he lets his hair grow out (have you ever seen them in the same room together?), and Mr. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Of course, that doesn’t sound true at all, which is why most people on the team have started wondering, “Is this kid a psychologist? Or a Psychopath?”

Career Individual Awards

Penn State Happy Valley Invitational
October 2013
Outstanding Witness (20 ranks Δ)

Georgetown University Hilltop Invitational
February 2014
Outstanding Witness (18 ranks Π)

University of Pennsylvania Quaker Classic
November 2014
Outstanding Attorney (20 ranks Π)

Richmond Regional Tournament
February 2015
Outstanding Witness (19 ranks Δ)

Colonial Classic Invitational
October 2015
Outstanding Attorney (20 ranks Δ)

8th Annual Happy Valley Invitational
November 2015
Outstanding Attorney (18 ranks Π)

10th Annual Tobacco Road Invitational
November 2015
Outstanding Witness (17 ranks Δ)

Baltimore, MD Regional Tournament
February 2016
All-Regional Attorney (17 ranks Δ)

Capital City Opening Round Championship Series
March 2016
All-National Witness (16 ranks Π)

Black Squirrel Invitational
October 2016
Outstanding Attorney (20 ranks Π)

Raleigh, NC Regional Tournament
February 2017
All-Regional Attorney (17 ranks Δ)