Samantha Paralikas

Year: 2020

Hometown: Glen Cove, New York

Major: Computer Engineering

Samantha Paralikas, known simply as “Pear” to most mockers, is perhaps the only member whose position on the team has less do with her actual mock trial skill and more to do with her ability to perform card tricks (just ask anyone at her tryout). And while she was originally assumed to bit of a saltine (due to her wardrobe limited to polo shirts and cardigans), Pear has played a wide variety of witnesses, like wannabe hairdressers from Brooklynn, PTSD stricken journalists, and ageist CEOs. Just ask her about any of those characters, she probably still remembers their directs by heart.

For the few hours in a day where Pear is not at mock trial practice, thinking about mock, or rereading her affidavit even though she’s had it memorized for weeks, she’s probably hanging with some of her ADPi sisters, studying for a Physics exam in the Engineering building, going on long runs exploring D.C., or eating another salad from sweetgreen.


Career Individual Awards

Richmond, VA Regional Tournament
February 2017
All-Regional Witness (18 ranks Δ)

Haverford Inaugural Black Squirrel Invitational
November 2017
Outstanding Attorney (19 ranks Δ)

Fifteenth Annual Quaker Classic Invitational
November 2017
Outstanding Attorney (19 ranks Δ)                                                                                                                              Outstanding Attorney (19 ranks Π)

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